Cube polywell, area visible from the middle

In a cube polywell there is fusion going on in the middle, from there the fusion products fly out at high energies. We are interested in how much of the fusion product flux hits the coils.

The following calculations are made with assumptions that fusion happens at the point in the middle of the system and that the fusion products fly out in uniform spread (equal chance to all directions). Coil spacing is the distance between two coils at the edge of the cube (0 means the coils are touching).

Coil radius: 
Coil spacing: 
Coil thickness: 
Free face area:
Between coils area:
Total free area:
Blocked coils area:

Possibly in case of a hit against the coils not all of the energy of a charged particle will be passed on. Many hits will probably be glancing blows resulting in the particle being deflected and only transferring a part of its energy. It's a different matter with neutrons though.

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