* This example demonstrates that template syntax must not be what
  * is default. That is if your editor or project or personal taste
  * does not like the <!-- and --> you can pick your own
  * notation. See example6.tlt for more information.

import ee.mare.indrek.jtlt.*;
import ee.mare.indrek.jtlt.macros.*;

public class Example6 {
  public static void main (String[] args) throws Exception
    TemplateContext ctx = new TemplateContext ();

    // We pick and set our own start and end tags.
    ctx.setStartTag ("[-");
    ctx.setEndTag ("-]");

    ctx.setShortcutTags ("KEY", "$(", ")"); // this allows us to use $(keyname)

    // Now create a generator with given settings from example6.tlt and instance the template
    TemplateGenerator gen = new TemplateGenerator ("example6.tlt", ctx);
    Template tlt = gen.createTemplate();

    // Replace a single key in current open block
    tlt.replace ("hello", "Hello, world!");

    // Instance a sub-block named "block"
    tlt.instance ("block");

    System.out.println (tlt.toString());

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